Company Vilius was established in 1991. We have been producing ceramic candle houses since 1994. Now we offer over 1500 models of different sizes. Our collection includes many famous buildings of European and other countries (Neuschwanstein castle, Bamberg cathedral, a collection of houses in the old city of Rudesheim, a collection of old houses in Dinkelsbul town, the Kammerzell House in Strasbourg, and many others).

The majority of our ceramic houses have their purpose of use – water and fragrance oils are poured into their chimneys. When a candle is burning the water and fragrance oils slowly evaporate and spread a pleasant aroma in the room. Small houses are designed for incense candles. Larger models can be used for decoration of house environment.

We use Lithuanian clay and glaze for making candle houses. All materials used for our production meet the EU requirements.

Our company can also make candle houses upon individual requests. In order to produce the desired model we need photographs of the building and then our designers make its ceramic copy. Production of one sample takes from 1 to 2 weeks depending on complexity of the building.

The entire production process is carried out by hands only thus each product is unique. After the houses are modelled they are dried, fired in the pottery oven, later covered with glaze and then fired once more at the temperature of 1000°C.

Since 1999 our company has been participating in  Tendence and Ambiente exhibitions in Frankfurt on the Main.


We export our production to Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom, the USA, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.